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Take Back Retirement

Oct 2, 2020

There is no right way to retire. Even if you don’t do everything you had hoped to do, you can still build a plan so that you can do more of the things you want and less of the stuff you don’t. In this episode we’re Taking Back Retirement by redefining the old image and definition of this phase of life. 


Key topics discussed: 

  • The cultural change between generations. (00:04)
  • Redefining retirement to what YOU want to do  (02:12)
  • When things don’t go according to plan (06:06)
  • How technology is changing retirement (08:53)
  • Being realistic (11:53)
  • Other ways you can make money while retired (13:03)
  • Preparing for your #2ndHalfPlan (15:06)



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