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Take Back Retirement

Oct 15, 2020

Many people picture moving into retirement as: One day you're working and the next day you're retired. As we learn from life transition expert Randi Levin, CEO & founder of Randi Levin Coaching,moving into retirement is best done with preparation. It does not have to be an overnight event. In this episode of Take Back Retirement we walk through different ways to approach this major life transition as well as various things to consider that may not immediately come to mind. Most important we understand that this about you and not following a cookie-cutter process that everyone else is doing.


Key topics discussed:

  • Why Randi hates the word retirement (05:19)
  • Retirement’s not a light switch (06:56)
  • The value of planning ahead (10:17)
  • Permission is so important (11:20)
  • What are we investing in? (18:52)
  • A broader definition of “investment” (25:53)
  • What is self-leadership? (33:20)


You can find Randi at, and her FaceBook group The Recalibration Network at   


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